Saturday, May 24, 2014

An Arrow in Flight

I had this feeling a couple weeks ago while driving to a friend's house in Omaha.  I was blasting a song on the radio and singing along and suddenly thought, this must be what Wonder Woman felt like when she spun around to transform herself from a normal woman into her Super Hero Self.  I felt light and powerful, like an arrow in flight that couldn't be stopped until it hit it's target.

I had the same feeling a week ago as I was driving down I-29 toward my first stop on my road trip to Santa Fe.  I realized what I was feeling was freedom.  I am a 44 year old, single, self-employeed woman, my son is grown and doing well on his own, and all of my efforts and determination over the last 6 months actually paid off.  I did it.  I made my dream come true and moved to Santa Fe.  How amazing is that?!  Just the thought of it brings tears of joy to my eyes.
The image of an arrow in flight came from something my friend Frankie wrote about me on Facebook a couple days ago.  

Congratulations on having the courage and determination to pick your life up and move across country and begin a new journey. Most would turn back but she was an "arrow in flight".

Talk about tears of joy.  I am so blessed & truly felt (and feel) all the love, support, prayers and well wishes that followed me as I flew across the interstates of Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado & New Mexico to this enchanted land.  And when I arrived in Santa Fe last Sunday evening I felt like the sun was painting the sky just for me as it disappeared behind the mountains for the night.  

Almost a week after that first sunset, as I sit here looking out my friend's dining room window at the storm clouds breaking up over the Sangra de Cristo mountains, that sense of freedom is continues to grow.  How could it not when simply driving to the grocery store provides me with panoramic vistas and walking my dog on a trail reveals a breathtaking view of the Jemez Mountains.  Even my trip to the Farmer's Market this morning was a magical experience this morning.  Magic & Miracles.  That's what I've found here in my new home town.  And as I embrace my new found freedom, I expect to find more magic & more miracles along my path. 

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