Thursday, October 23, 2014

Seamless Elastics!

Who knew that my lifelong search for the perfect rubber band for my hair would be the thing that would get me writing again.  I've had plenty of things to write about my new life her in Santa Fe over the last 3 months - amazing vistas, wonderful new friends, moving to a new house, building a new organizing clientele, and, of course, green chiles.  

But, a trip to Walgreens a couple weeks ago inspired me to start sharing my journey again, all because of a simple $1.99 purchase.  I've had a love-hate relationship with headbands, barrettes and rubber bands.  I have a LOT of hair and it doesn't normally respond well to being kept in one place for any length of time.  Headbands slip off after a few turns of my head, barrettes break apart, clips fall apart at the hinges and rubber bands, well rubber bands loose their elasticity and snap in two on a regular basis. 

I thought I found the right one a few years ago - a non-slip style by Goody.  They lasted longer than most and rarely broke, but like socks in a dryer, disappeared into some unknown vortex.  So, I went looking for more on Amazon last year and bought about 50 of the little suckers.  Unfortunately, somewhere along the line some genius redesigned them, probably to save money, and my once trusted elastic friends now loose their elasticity and snap in two on a regular basis.  Thus, my late night foray into the florescent aisles of another drug store, once again hopefully searching for new form of elastic to corral my unruly locks.

That night, I decided to try the curly bobby pins that claimed to hold a bun in place along with some colorful rubber bands that actually look like rubber.  While searching for something else to try I noticed a little packet of "Seamless Elastics" for $1.99.  They were cheaper than everything else, so I thought I'd give them a try.  The bobby pins actually worked pretty well, but I need a couple more to keep my bun in place and they are a bit of a bitch to get out - my hair didn't want to give them up.  The colorful rubber bands tend to pull on my hair and gave me headache, but the innocuous Seamless Elastics are fabulous!  They are stretchy enough to make that third wrap around my ponytail to help keep it high and tight (without pulling) on the back of my head where I like it.  Because they seem to be cut from some sort of polyester fabric tube there isn't a seem to snap and after I release my hair for the night, they actually shrink back to their original size.  

So, I went back a few days ago and bought 9 more packets of these little gems.  I was tempted to clean them out, but decided to wait while to be sure they stand the test of time and the weight of my hair.  It has only been a couple weeks and I know it's still the honeymoon phase for me and my Seamless Elastics, but for today, I am a happy camper and so is my hair.

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